Camp Theme Song


Take your ipods, take your headphones,

Power on, and then press play,

The time has come, to have much fun,

A perfect summer day.


We get together every summer,

Singing, cheering, learning, too,

Rewind and stop, we’ll reach the top,

With SGI-Tunes.



(HC) Tune into….

(Camp) Being Jewish

(HC) What’s our purpose

(Camp) Bring Moshiach here now

With our bunk scream bunk name

And our Simcha– we’re sure to show you how.


Tune into being Jewish,

With tracks and artists, we’ll go far,

Let’s start today and change the world,

And show them who we are.


The Torah’s here to be our manual,

Hashem’s the artist of the song,

SGI, we’re flying high,

This camp’s where we belong…






Camp Theme Song 08

Oh I'm proud to be a Jew,
And a super hero too,
Like Moshe and Aaron in their day.

I'm so glad that I can sing,
About David our King,
And Queen Esther,
Who followed in their way.

  Love your fellow Jew and,
Study torah too,
Say your blessings before you eat,
Never give up and pray to Hashem,
Sing to the super hero beat!

Just One Shabbos

Just one Shabbos,
Just one Torah,
Just one Hashem,
who can’t be seen
Commandments He commanded us
Six hundred and thirteen

  How many fathers?
One, two, three
How many mothers?
How many children?
You and me and many millions more!


Gan Izzy do you want a clue?
Guess Who's skipping through?
Spin the wheel and roll the die,
This summer we'll be scoring high.
With trust in G‑d we will not fail,
With strength we will prevail!

Mitzvah's make our total grow,
Will move up and pass go.

Here @ Gan Izzy we recharge our soul,
We'll hit the target and reach our goal.

Carefully read Torah's manual pages,
This game of life is great for all ages.
Don't take a risk and get into trouble,
Play for good deeds, and your points will double.
With this strategy we'll win this race,
Celabrated champions in 1st place.
So sorry Galus step aside,
Gan Izzy's coming in full stride. 
Towards moshiach it's rushour,
We'll beat the clock with all our power.
We're charging down the finish line, 
And won't head into overtime. 

Hashem is Here

Hashem is here, Hashem is there
Hashem is truly everywhere.
Hashem is here, Hashem is there
Hashem is truly everywhere.

Up, up, down, down
Right, left, and all around
Here, there, and everywhere,
That’s where He can be found.

Up, up, down, down
Right, left, and all around
Here, there, and everywhere,
That’s where He can be found.



Because this is the place
For all of the Jewish kids
This is the place,
Oh where excitement is
OOOHHHH I love Gan Izzy
OOOOOHHHHH I love Gan Izzy
YOU are my home
Two, three, four: Camp Gan Izzy

We’ve Existed So Long

We’ve existed so long
For the Torah kept us strong
And the Torah will never disappear—oh, no!

Through the ages, it was brought
By the children, who were taught
To follow it, and constantly declare:

“I’m a Jew, and I’m proud
And I’ll sing it out loud
‘Cause forever, that’s what I’ll be.

“I’m a Jew, and I’m proud
And it’s without a doubt
That Hashem is always watching over me.”

Who Knows One?

Who knows one?
I know one!
One is Hashem, one is Hashem, one is Hashem
In the heavens and the earth.

Who knows two?…
Two are the luchos that Moshe brought,
And one is Hashem…

Three are the fathers…
Four are the mothers…
Five are the books of the Torah…
Six are the books of the Mishna…
Seven are the days of the week…
Eight are the days before a bris…
Nine are the months before a baby’s born…
Ten are the Aseres Hadibros…
Eleven are the stars in Yosef’s dream…
Twelve are the tribes of Yisroel…
Thirteen are the Midos of Hashem…
Fourteen are the books of the Rambam…


My Zeide lived with us in my parents’ home
He used to laugh he put me on his knee
He spoke about his life in Poland
He spoke but with a bitter memory.

And he spoke about the soldiers who would beat him
They laughed at him they tore his long black coat
And he spoke about a synagogue

That they burned down
And the crying that was heard beneath the smoke.

But Zeide made us laugh Zeide make us sing
And Zeide made us kiddush Friday nights
And Zeide oh my Zeide how I loved him so
And Zeide used to teach me wrong from right.

His eyes lit up when he would teach me Torah
He taught me every line so carefully
He spoke about our slavery in Egypt
And how G‑d took us out to make us free.

And as winter went by
Then summer came along
I went to camp to run and play
And when I came back home they said "Zeide’s gone"
And all his books were packed and stored away.

I don’t know how or why it came to be
It happened slowly over many years
We just stopped being Jewish like my Zeide was
And no one cared enough to shed a tear.

Many winters went by many summers came along
And now my children sit in front of me
And who will be the Zeide of my children?
Who will be the Zeide if not me?
Who will be the Zeide of our children?
Who will be the Zeide if not we?


The Little Bird Is Calling

The little bird is calling
It wishes to return
The little bird is wounded
It cannot fly, but yearns
It’s captured by the vultures
Crying bitterly
Oh, to see my nest again
Oh, to be redeemed.

The little bird of silver
So delicate and rare
Still chirps among the vultures
Outshining all that’s there
How long, how long, it suffers
How long will it be
Oh, when will come the eagle
And set the little bird free.

The little bird is Yisroel
The vultures are our foes
The painful wound is Golus
Which we all feel and know
The nest is Yerusholayim
Where we yearn to be, once more
And the eagle is Moshiach
Whom we are waiting for.


Don’t Walk In Front Of Me

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me, and be my friend
And together, we will walk in the ways of Hashem.

To Love A Fellow Jew

To love a fellow Jew
Just the same as you
Is the basis of our holy Torah.
He may be far from me
Across the widest sea
Still, I’ll always love him just the same.

For seventy, eighty years
A Neshama wears and tears
Just to do a favor for another.
Love him with all your heart
The heavens spread apart
And have your prayers answered speedily.

Modeh Ani

Oh every morning
When I’m through sleeping
I open up my eyes and say
Thank you Hashem for my neshama
And for giving me another day.

Modeh ani lifonecho melech chai vikayom
Shehechezarto bi nishmosi bichemla raba emunasecho.

Thank you Hashem for all the sunshine
And the raindrops that must fall
For all the flowers in the springtime
But for the Torah we thank you most of all.

Thank you Hashem for kosher pizza
And for creating swimming pools
Thank you for latkes and for Pashkez
And for the snowstorms that keep us home from school.


I’m a Little Hunk of Tin

I’m a little hunk of tin,
Every day a penny goes in.
I go far and I go near,
To help a poor Jew in despair.
Clank, clank, jingle, jingle,
The Mitzvah is done!
Clank, clank, jingle, jingle,
Tzedokah is fun!



Tzedokah, Tzedokah, Tzedokah,
That is what we give -
To poor people,
To help them live.

So they’ll have food and clothes,
So they’ll have food and clothes,
Even a penny a day -
Before we start to pray!


Shabbos is Coming

Shabbos is coming; we’re so happy,
We’re gonna sing and shout out loud.
Six days a week we wait for Shabbos,
A gift from Hashem, and we’re so proud.

So, let’s shout together, “Shabbos!”
Let’s sing together, “Shabbos!”
Whisper together, “Shabbos!”
Tell it to the world, “Shabbos!”


The Shabbos Angels

The Shabbos angels are peaking through my window,
Ima’s lighting candles, and abba’s going to shul.
Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom,
To every one of you,
Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom,
To every single Jew.


I Have A Mezuzah

I have a Mezuzah
I have a Mezuzah
On my door
On my door
And now, I will tell you
And now, I will tell you
What it’s for
What it’s for

To kiss the Mezuzah
To kiss the Mezuzah
Is my aim
Is my aim
For on it, is written
For on it, is written
Hashem’s name
Hashem’s name


It’s a Camp Of Laughter

It’s a camp of laughter
A camp of fun
For me Gan Israel
Is the only one
It’s a camp for me
It’s a camp for you
It’s a camp for every Jew

It’s a great camp, after all
We will miss you in the fall
It’s a great camp, after all
Machaneinu Gan Yisroel