While this may not be a comprehensive list, here is an example of activities provided by Silver Gan Israel Day Camp.

Archery- This activity is overseen by a certified archery coach. It will include safety rules, instruction and practice.

Arts & Crafts- This activity will include all kinds of crafts projects, including modeling clay, painting, lanyards and much more.

Baking- This activity included various methods of food preparation, including blending, mixing, cooking and baking, as well as other forms of food art.

Balance & Movement- Balance & Movement or BAM is an activity where campers can practice their balance using a number of apparatus, including plasma cars, pedal powered scooters, pogo sticks, stilts, rockboards and more. Campers are required to use helmets, elbow pads and knee pads when using BAM.

Baseball- Typically reserved for our older campers, baseball is not played with soft balls.

Basketball- on one of our 3 basketball courts, campers get to practice shooting hoops. 

Bubble Soccer- Older campers get to play soccer while protected with a good ol'e air cushion. Watching them is almost as much fun as playing.

Bungee Trampolines- Campers can jump high on a trampoline while attached to a bungee. Campers are fitted with a harness and supervised by trained professionals.

Challah Baking- Each week campers get to experiment with a new twist to traditional challah baking. They will shape the dough and place it on a tray to be baked. 

Dunk Fun- Without the danger of an actual dunk tank, campers get to perfect their aim with a bean bag. If the target is hit, a whole lot of water pours out.

Field Trips- We take field trips to all kinds of places, including amusement parks, Zip-lining, museums, ropes course, roller skating, batting cages and more. Typically 4 year olds and kindergarteners go on 1 trip per week, 2nd grade and older go on 2 trips per week. See the full trip calendar at www.campsgi.com/schedule.  Exceptions apply.

Foam Pit- On occasion, we turn on our foam pits and allow the campers to spend time playing in/with the foam. 

Gaga- A well known camp game, within our inflatable gaga court, campers hit a ball and hope to get it to hit a fellow camper under the knees. 

Game Room- Campers enjoy lounging around while playing air hockey, foosball, skeeball, pool, box hockey and poly pong.

Go Carts- Camper through about 5th grade get to ride our mini electric go carts, while wearing helmets for safety.

Hammock Village- Campers love lounging and rocking back and forth while socializing in our hammock village.

Hockey- In our outdoor hockey rink, campers enjoy field hockey. 

Human Hamster Ball- Rolling around in an inflatable 10' human hamster ball is quite a bit of fun. This is done without shoes. The camper runs inside and the ball moves.

Human Foosball- Following the model of foosball, campers velcro themselves to poles going across the court and can only move from side to side.

Imaginarium- Be it with lifesize games, building toys, brain games and more, campers love hanging out here. 

Jungle Gyms- With 3 outside playing structures, campers have the opportunity to climb, slide and have fun playing with their friends. 

Laser Tag- With our outdoor laser tag equipment, participants put on a sunband and take to the field trying to beat their opponents. This is often played in the jungle gym or other playground areas. 

Moon Bounce- Campers enjoy jumping around, shooting hoops and sliding down two mini slides on our moon bounce.

Shows- Shows are done inside and outside and include bird shows, The Great Kosher Chocolate Factory, science shows, skateboarding and basketball shows and more. 

Silent Disco- Our 100 silent disco headsets with 3 channels of music, make dancing, musical chairs and more just "rock".

Soccer- On our full size or mini soccer courts, campers get to release lots of energy getting that ball past the goalie.

Swimming- With a 45' x 15' (up to 3' deep) wader pool and a junior olympic sized pool (up to 5' deep), camper of all ages have an appropriate place to swim. The water is generally close to 90 degrees and both pools are covered to offer some degree of sun protection. We swim a few days a week, except when the field trip does not allow for it or during the first 9 days of the Hebrew month of Av when we have other water activities.

Tennis- Our new tennis court gives kids an opportunity to brush up their tennis skills.

Volleyball- With or without shoes and socks, it's always a thrill to keep the ball moving over the net.

Water Park- With four water slides, ranging in height up to about 30' and going as long as 63', kids will have a blast and stay cool at the same time. The water park also includes splash pads and other water activities.

Water Tag- With water tag vests, our campers will occasionally get to aim for their opponents and score for their teams. 

Wipeout- Our inflatable wipeout is a tiring activity that keeps children on top of their game avoiding the moving cushioned rod. Socks are required. 

9 Square in the Air- A cross between 4 square and volleyball, 9 Square is a fast paced game where you never know where the ball is headed.