Kosher, catered lunch will be available for purchase daily through your camp account. A daily menu is available below. Campers may also bring lunch in clearly marked lunch boxes or bags. On field trip days we ask that lunches be packed in disposable bags. This will help ensure no loss of lunch boxes.

We are peanut sensitive. We make every effort to be aware of peanut allergies. As such, please do not send any food that contains peanut butter or other peanut products. Our policy in this regard can be found here.

We ask that you send lunches and snacks that do not contain meat.

Water coolers are strategically located all over our campsite in addition to the regular water fountains.

Please advise us if your child has any food allergies and/ or must adhere to a special diet.


Lunch can be brought from home or purchased from the cafeteria. If ordered in advance online, the cost of a full lunch is $4.00. If ordered on the same day, the cost of a full lunch is $5.00. When eating lunch off campus: sandwiches (tuna, cheese, sunflower butter and jelly, sunflower butter, jelly), water bottle and 2 snacks in a disposable bag.

Monday: Pizza, vegetable, fruit and water

Tuesday: Chicken*, mashed potatoes, vegetable, fruit and water

Wednesday: Pasta with sauce, garlic bread, vegetable, fruit and water

Thursday: Hamburger*, fries, vegetable, fruit and water

Friday: Mac & Cheese, vegetable, fruit and water

Vegetable may be: baby carrots, sliced cucumbers, olives, celery sticks, lettuce or tomato.
Fruits may be: oranges, apples, peaches, pears, grapes or berries 

*Note the following exceptions: 
Thursday, July 23 & 30- Veggie burgers will replace hamburgers
Tuesday, July 28- Fish sticks will replace the chicken