Sender Engel

Camp Director
949.381.5610 x101

Sender has been co-directing Silver Gan Israel Day camp for more than 15 years and loves what he does. During his younger years, he ran camps in Canada, Australia, England, Russia and elsewhere. He went to Silver Gan Israel as a camper and counselor for many years before returning to direct the camp. A bus driver, rabbi, EMT and archery instructor, he’s just about got us covered. During the off season, he prepares for camp and runs hands-on holiday workshops for kids throughout the county. He lives in the house he grew up in with his wife, horses and 8 children, oh, and he dreams a lot.


Tamar Breton

949.381.5610 x 102

There is nothing more rewarding than making sure kids can come to camp and have a blast. For the past 14 years, from when her son started at camp, Tamar has been sitting behind this desk. With a smile on her face she sees to it that everything runs smoothly, from phones to lunches to band aids. “It is an honor and a privilege to continue to help and support SGI as we grow and expand.”



Raizel Weinbaum

Kiddy Camp Coordinator
949.381.5610 x 110

Having spent her summers at SGI as a child, Raizel is happy to return as a staff member, working with the youngest campers in Kiddy Camp. During the school year she is a preschool teacher at the Hebrew Academy. She really enjoys her time with the children, watching them play and discover. Raizel’s hobbies include reading, gardening, and of course spending time with her family. She is excited to be returning for her second summer at Kiddy Camp.


Chami Engel

Administrative Assistant
949.381.5610 x 105

A New York native, Chami enjoys her life outside of the big city. She supports the efforts of the camp directors and keeps all the wheels greased. When she is not busy at camp, she puts up with a husband who has trouble talking about anything not camp related, and has a beautiful family to take care of. Though she has been working behind the scenes for many years, this summer will be her 4th in her current role. Some of her favorite things in life are chocolate, SGI, Instacart and Amazon Prime Now.