Our Divisions

DSC_8712.jpgAll campers at Silver Gan Israel are divided into age appropriate groups, and we ensure individualized attention and supervision. This is done to accertain that children are placed in the program appropriate to their level of development where they encounter new adventures, excitement, and challenges, all built on the SGI hallmarks of safety, fun, and unconditional love. In all age groups, we meet and exceed the staff/camper ration recommended by the American Camp Association.

Kiddy Camp (through Pre-K)
L'il Giants and VIPs - Entering K-3rd grade
Sabras and Maccabbeans- Entering 4-8 grades

Kiddy Camp (through Pre-K):
Sometimes, little packages have big needs like love, nurturing, play, and development. At SGI, our experienced early childhood professionals are warm and loving, and focus on developing your child’s motor skills and social interactions. Our Kiddy camp division combines the best of early childhood care with a broad array of SGI activities. In creating this division, we have carefully designed a "camp-within-a-camp," which broadens the children's horizons and is mindful of their ages and emotional and physical needs.
From sports and outdoor play to art and music, your little ones will be showered with love as they expand their horizons.

The Kiddy Camp program is run through the Hebrew Academy Preschool. 

L'il Giants and VIPs (entering K-3):
Children in the L'il Giants and VIPs are provided a great mix of athletic, artistic and spirited pursuits in a structured setting. They develop strong bonds with their peers and counselors while experiencing what summer is all about. Our wide array of programming options has children motivated, excited and on-their-toes. To run our specialized programming, SGI employs 20 coaches, swim instructors, artists and specialists who work alongside the counselors to give the children the time of their lives.

Sabras and Maccabbees (entering 4-8) :
Our Sabra (girls) and Maccabbee (boys) divisions are fully integrated into the camp program and benefit from our coaches, swim instructors, artists and specialists, and enjoy longer trips. These divisions are designed specially for children who need more involved and advanced programs. Campers in this age group will have the opportunity to take part in overnights and weekend retreats (Shabbatons) where they build some special memories that last a lifetime, as well as more team building activities and programs that will bolster their self esteem.